About TRU


Welcome to TRU, the Treasury Wines Estates America trade communications channel. TRU is an incredibly powerful sales acceleration channel, providing education and training, selling tools, resources and executive vision that will help you to successfully take our brands to market.

TRU is a promise. A promise to be vintrapreunurial. To be true to our vision as the world’s most successful and celebrated wine company; to be true to educating, training and supporting our sales organization in ways that make you more effective selling our portfolio; to be true to changing trade and consumer perceptions of the Australian wine category; and to be true to strengthening relationships with our strategic partners like you by helping you strengthen your relationship with consumers.

TRU is also leadership. We are dedicated to becoming a leader in sales and marketing innovation; through capabilities training that drives brand value throughout the organization; through trade engagement that aligns and focuses our priorities; through measurement and analytics that support performance goals and empowers you to execute more efficiently and effectively; and through a connected digital community that shares success and promotes teamwork.

Treasury Estate Wines America wants you to be agents of change for our organization. We want you to take ownership, acting profitably and have a positive attitude about our amazing portfolio of wines. We created TRU to revolutionize wine sales through digital engagement.

If you have any questions, comments and revolutionary ideas for improving this channel, please reach out to us at teamwork@treasurywines.com. Help us be TRU.